Donald B. McCormick, Ph.D
Religion - Science

                              What Spirituality Means to Me
                                                                     (Donald B. McCormick)

Definitions - Among the six meanings of the word "spiritual" given in Webster's New World Dictionary, there are two that suit me as being less religiously or ecclesiastically related: one is "of, from, or concerned with the intellect; intellectual". The other is "characterized by the ascendancy of the spirit; showing much refinement of thought and feeling". "Spirituality" then follows as meaning "spiritual character, quality, or nature".

Quotations - Random House Webster's Quotationary under the word "spirituality" provides quotes from notable people among which I find these  that fit my general beliefs: "The definition of spiritual should be, that which is its own evidence."-Ralph Waldo Emerson; "Emotion is inseparable from being filled with the spirit, which is above all a state of being moved."-Abraham Joshua Heschel; "I don't view medicine, psychology, and spirituality as different camps. When I use the word spirituality, I don't necessarily mean religion. I mean whatever it is that helps you feel connected to something that is larger than yourself."-Dean Ornish; "Ethical existence is the highest manifestation of spirituality."-Albert Schweitzer.

Bottom line - To paraphrase the Buddha, in recognizing the poverty of philosophical opinions and not adhering to any of them, in seeking the truth, I saw.

Spare me the religiously virtuous, and give me the intellectually honest.